Sunday, February 12, 2006

Heat wonderful heat!

Just a quick update here as we have company. We have spent the last little while completing one major project for our house and I wanted to share with you all. Especially with those of you who like to see what improvements we are working on. You know who you are!  ;-)

Pictures of the complete project here - BlazeKing

It is so very nice to get rid of the old fireplace. It was very inefficient, expensive in fuel and really looked it's age. The new wood stove is fantastic. We ran it for the first time last night and awoke to a very warm house. It ran all night on a partial load, and then I added a couple of logs this morning at 5. I am sitting in the room the furthest from the living room and can feel the heat even in here. The face and pad that Joe put in, with his two helpers (Me and Margaret) adds a very nice touch to our living room and will accentuate the tile we install very nicely. I really like the choice of Brick that we choose, called Newcastle used, it is so much nicer than the old brick that was in there.

Added note I spent quite a bit of time editing, separating and sorting the Las Vegas pictures out and will get them uploaded tonight with an additional post to the blog. Please stay tuned.

One other tidbit, I was sent this supposedly used to test reaction and thought process of pilots in the military. 18 Seconds is fantastic but they are expected to handle it for two full minutes, RedSquare. Good luck.


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