Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 139th Birthday

Hey its Canada Day!!  Woo Hoo! This is my first one actually being a Canadian so I am very excited to be a part of the best Country in the world! We have some fantastic weather to celebrate the day, usually I would do a big BBQ up for the day but with our deck in process the BBQ is awkward to use so I have decided instead to do my barely hot chili. OK those who know me, or those who have ever tried it know that it is a collection of 17 chili peppers, (Yes Habaneros too  evil grin ) and that even if you try the left overs out of the fridge cold you are guaranteed to get hot real fast. Should be a good meal to celebrate the day. Hope you all are also having a great day to celebrate this event.

The week before last my Wife's Brother came down with his Kids to spend some time with us as well as picking up our old westy off of us. We cruised up to Campbell River with both Westy's and spent the first night in Elk Falls. I think the kids really enjoyed the first night of camping.  The berries are in season right now as well so there was lots of nibbling going on. Blueberries, Salmon Berries and Huckleberries were everywhere. The next day we were wondering where we should head to, so we decided off the cuff to take the ferry over to Quadra Island. That was a great decision, as the reminder of our trip was spent there, camping right on the beach near Rebecca Spit. The campsite is run by the local Native band the site is called We Wai Kai. We could not believe how nice it was where we were staying. I have uploaded many (not kidding here as I did not get to edit them but just uploaded them) of the pictures to my Flickr website. Hope you all enjoy them. Picture here

It was a great mini vacation, sort of a primer for the longer one coming up at the end of August. It will be nice to head back up to Terrace for such an extended period.


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