Sunday, November 05, 2006

Burn Weekend

Well thankfully the first full blown rain storm of the Fall/Winter has broken enough for me to get some scrap wood and trimmings onto the fire. It is the Burn Weekend for November, missed it last month and was hoping I was going to get a break to get it done. There was so much scrap from this summer's projects as well as stuff that keeps getting missed on the various landfill runs. Just be nice to get it out of here, as it makes the yard look like a rental.

It has been a busy few months since we returned from out holidays in the North. We brought the Brother-in-law back with us to get us started tiling the house. Between the three of us we had all of the house with the exception of the two Bedrooms, Computer room and Laundry room done. We really appreciated the help he gave us would have been so much more work without his assistance. We still have a lot to do, but these are our winter projects and will keep us busy until the spring. The laundry room was tiled and painted ( see here) as well we bought a replacement freezer (a stand up one) make better use of the room. We still need to do our baseboard and Crown-molding but will do the whole house in one shot instead of room by room.

We still need to begin the painting as well as lighting updates. As stated the laundry room was painted, but still needs some final touches. I have tried a few different things to get rid of the textured walls, seems the best way to approach it without re-drywalling is to smooth coat it with some Lite Line. I tested this out in the computer room and it seems to work quite well. Looking forward to getting the walls completed and then painted, it will really finish the house off nicely. Looking at the "modern British" colors, bright and warm, reds, oranges, greens etc then finish the rooms off with moldings, and frames and they will be fantastic.

Look to see updated pictures including the home improvements on the flickr site

Looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. We have changed out the way we have been consumerising (hmmm??) the fact that
we have been supporting these big box meat processing/sales outfits, rather than supporting the local ranchers, and farmers. After experiencing life in a smaller community and learning first hand how important it is to buy local and support local we have finally got our stuff together and found the resources to help us change the way we shop.  Two sites The Meatrix and Sustainable Table have instrumental in helping us change. We bought a really nice freezer package from the Butcher in Duncan. The meat is incredible and tastes so much different than what we have experienced up till now (with the exception of wild meat). So in keeping with the upcoming holiday I am going to get a free range turkey, tried one before back in the early 90's. I am looking forward to trying out my usual receive on this new meat.

One other exciting thing is getting back in touch with someone very close that I have not "seen" in a long time. Someone I thought was gone for good, and glad to see I was wrong about that.


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