Friday, January 19, 2007

Something to break the winter up with

Just a few days away from a mini vacation to Las Vegas (Lost Wages). We are really looking forward to this, and to taking a break at this time of year, makes February and March a little easier to bear. We are heading down for a full week, in the past we have just headed for the 4 day packages so this will be a treat. I have spent the past few weeks researching off-strip things I want to do/see and came across this brilliant websites.


It list a great selection of on-strip, off-strip and old Vegas (Fremont St) areas. It covers all aspects of the different hotels, from room quality , Gambling, eats, drinks freebies etc.. (heck even what shampoo bottles you get in your Hotel room. A buddy works down there and really recommends Ellis Island (just behind Ballys) in searching it out I came across Cheapovegas. I am looking at the possibility of going down there again in August for Defcon, so all this little sites I find may help out.


A great user review site of both brewpubs and beer bars (they serve either locally produced microbrew or imports). many of these are off-strip, but look very interesting. I will be checking them out, oh I mean investing my own time researching in minute detail in order to properly provide accurate reviews, don't want to mislead any other who use this site to plan out their vacations. ;-). Yeah its hard work.

A couple of people I know told me about these guys, they said it is a fun place to shop for electronics. So I am looking forward to experiencing them as well as seeing what kind of set-up they have to see how different it is from what we have here.

Well, rent a SMG from the .223 minimi , AK-47, M-16 etc... Handguns too... what more do you have to say?

Oh and for those who do not know, check out Jubilee travel for last minute deals to everywhere, (eg. all inclusives to Cuba or Mexico less than $900 for a week!)

With all the new rules in place for traveling and border crossing I needed to ensure that all my gadgets were registered before I cross over the border, just to make it easer to come back. I needed to get a temporary export form, I thought it was going to be comlicated and might even cost some dough, typical expectations when dealing with any Gov't Agency but was really surprised to see how easy and painless it was. Just walked into the Canadian Border Services office on Government Street with all my gadgets, the officer took the serial # and details down, entered them on a card and within 10 minutes I was on my way. It is a permanent card so as long as the electronics do not change I am good to go. walked the passport office on the way back, all those poor buggers who have waited till the last minute to try to beat this January 23, 2007 change to entering the US that requires all people flying to the USA to have a valid passport. What I do not get is why leave it till this point, after 911, everyone should have had one, it should have been a learning point, to remember how quickly Air and land traffic was closed. I imagine that you will soon require a passport to drive across the border too, I wonder if that will create another stampede for passports? Anyways as I will have my electronics I intend to find some nice internet coffee shops, off strip.


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