Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Onward (or there is always next year)

Well a disappointing finish to an exciting Superbowl. I can not understand why they would not have pulled Grossman, anything thrown over 10 yards was picked off by the Colts defense. The Bears offense was non-existent as the running game on every play gets a little predictable. The Bears Defense though was fantastic but tired in the end, not a real surprise since they were on the field a lot more than they, or any other defense should be. Ah well, they made it to the Bowl and even though they did not walk away with the shiny rings, they still did pretty awesome. Look forward to next season.

Still working on the editing and ordering of the Photo's from our Las Vegas trip. I have had a few ask me about them, their coming honest. I have a bunch printed off, as well as starting to go through them to choose some of the best without turning it into a Borefest, you know like the old slide shows of the guy who travels to some backwater place and then forces his friends to watch slide after slide....

Check this out...

Visited Tattoo Zoo here in Victoria after work yesterday, had the Artist Colin Wiley do this tribute to one of my favourite dark games. It was a weird one to get though, the back of the neck with all the nerves, it was not exactly pain I felt. At times when a nerve was hit my left temple developed a sharp pain, as soon as the needle moved from the spot on my neck the pain stopped. The upper portions when done would send a chill through me causing goosebumps, very different. :-)

Had quite the start to the day yesterday though, first lost my collection on my iPOD, (this is the second time as it also occurred on the Flight down to San Francisco) I was able to recover although it concerned me that the unit was making a little noise. I will need to get a call into them I suppose. Then go to start the company van, and it also makes weird noises and refuses to start, ended up having to get a tow in. For a day that I intended to start early I really ended up behind. So waiting to hear back from the Dodge dealer for an ETA.


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