Tuesday, August 25, 2009

HTC Touch Pro 2 - Home Reno's - Summer Visits

The end of summer quickly approaches, you can feel it in the mornings on the ride in. It's so much cooler, the start of the fog in the fields, as well the deer are grazing a little later in the AM. Amazing how quickly this summer has gone! No complaints though as it really has been a very nice one.

The reno's are continuing in Earnest, and taking virtually all my spare time as expected. We finished the Hardie-Plank on the Master Bedroom just last night. Now onto soffit trays and vents, styro insulation in crawl space, electrical upgrade, and prep work for the supports for the deck in Front. In the back our friend came down from Nanaimo to frame-up for the 8 x 18 sunroom. It went very well and now waiting on the glass to arrive.

This summer, as most others, always brings us many of our friends and family to visit us here in Victoria. My good friend came to the coast to celebrate our 30 years of friendship, who else could have put up with me for long? We also had many of A's family from up north and from oversea's! Great to see and meet them all.

Lastly we had an Internal competition where the winner is given a brand new HTC Touch Pro 2 smartphone for a few weeks. Yes you guessed it, I was selected to be one of the participants! It is a fun little device, only had it since Friday. So more on that later this week.

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