Sunday, August 22, 2010

Darker and Darker

Well looks as though the summer is waning, Our walks in the Morning have returned to plodding through the darkness, time to get the Headlamp out again. Sunrise has slipped back to past 6:00, and later and later. It is one of the true "in your face" counting of the passing of time. Guess it is due to the time I get up and when we walk. It's back to that time where I can not let Odin off the leash, as he can see more than I. With the Rabbits and Deer out in force, and my buddies inclination to see them as chase able targets it's just not worth the risk. Still a brilliant walk and the best way to start the day.

We just had a big Party for my Wife, it was her (censored) birthday! Pretty sure I will be in the Doghouse if I say how young she is.. I think she was absolutely thrilled with the turnout, all of her friends that were able to be here no matter how far away they were showed up. Her Family came down from up North, Her Aunt and Uncle came from England. It was fantastic! I know she knows how important she is to everyone and how much she is loved. Our Friends up the road let us hold it at their house, where they have a beautiful yard. We got a keg of Phillips Blue Buck, had two BBQ's cranking out the Burgers, along with all kinds of salads, baked Salmon, Ham and home made Baked goods and chocolate covered strawberries (I missed out on them Grrr!). Even Old Mother Nature participated and gave us a brilliant day to celebrate in. Pictures Here.


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