Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bleeding on the Blogger

This is my first post to the blogger blog, hmm blogger blog? I have decided to try this out, after running my own from one of my servers at home, this turned out to be quite demanding as my admin plate is already overflowing, (yes my cup overfloweth ;-) ). Recent Hardware issue with my other server has taken up much of my personal time that I normally use to work on personal projects.

A few months back I decided to give MSN Spaces a shot, they took a lot of the day-to-day role away from me freeing me up to focus on other things that needed to be prioritized. While the Spaces site is very slick , easy to post to, and most of the people I know are on the IM client from them, it allows a larger range of fresh eyes to check my posts out, the only drawback is the a lack of freedom with respect to what can be added to it to individualize it.

Don't get me wrong it is a pretty good config for a simple blog. So long story short, well guess too late for that, that is what has gotten me to the Blogger option. I am also using Flickr and will start to combine the digipics I take with this blog.

I am hoping that you enjoy your visit here, I hope that I can share some thoughts with you or even expose you to information that you may not see elsewhere. Look forward to your comments

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