Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day of Reckoning

Quake 4! The return of one of the most intense and paranoid games should occur today. I say should as I had gotten my hopes up once before this week. The Launch date was moved back from this past Tuesday, (Tuesday always seems like a bizarre day for a Launch Date anyways) to today. I thought I better pre-order, ok I am sure they are not going to run out but wanted to make sure. All things being equal I am sure I will be very bagged tomorrow when I am getting up for work. At least I am hoping this to be the case, just another sign of an addictive game. Happy fragging!

Security Now, a great 20 minute Podcast covering the full range of basic security concerns from Passwords to DDOS, from Spam to Rootkits. Hosted by Steve Gibson ( Shields Up, SpinRite) and Leo Laporte (TWITs, Call For Help). This Podcast is a quick and dirty overview of individual subjects, the show notes are all located on the site as are the links. I try to make a habit of listening to them on the walk in to work, some solid information.

Is there anyone else on the planet besides me that has not seen Serenity? Somehow the original series escaped my wandering eye. Now I am playing catch up with the original series before seeing the movie. I am not sure it will still be in theatres by the time I get caught up, may end up on the rental list. March of the Penguins is out on DVD at the end of November, that is one that is going into the collection. I wish they offered the alternate soundtrack on it though. Emilie Simon's intro song "All is White" is very captivating and goes well with the fly in scene to the icebergs.

Camping at the end of the month! Be excellent to get away even if only for a few days. With issues at work the vacation schedule was thrown out the window this year, so even a few days away is nice to get. Heading up to China Creek near Port Alberni. We were there Thanksgiving 04, an awesome site right on the ocean. Spent much time cursing myself for not having a rod with me, yet listening to salmon splash every evening and morning. My furry friends, the ones that do not need a fishing license, left much evidence of their existence. Calling cards... A.K.A. Bear Skat. They pretty much kept themselves hidden. It is something I have noticed that differs much between the Bears here on the Island and the Bears of the Northern Portions of the Province. The guys up there are no where near as timid about showing themselves, I would venture to say that the Northern bears are much more bold in asserting themselves. Perhaps the Island Bears know that stealth is their protection here. I received the Book " Among Grizzlies", this is the diary of Timothy Treadwell, and am looking forward to reading it during the upcoming trip. What better to read about while you are out in the wilderness. :-)

Our local Cable Provider has come through in a huge way for me. Recently I was able to add Fox World Sports Soccer to our lineup. Absolutely Brilliant! Timing is great too every night I can watch a game from the English Premier league, now just to work out when the Scottish one is on, got my collection of Glasgow Rangers Jerseys ready to go. It really is one of the most enjoyable sports to watch for me.


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