Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello from the Strip!

OK Technically our Fourth day here in Las Vegas. Having a great time! Weather is down to about 1-2 degrees at night but over 16 during the day. Bright blue skies, something I have really missed at home with all the rain and grey clouds.  I have been taking pictures left and right and should have a lot of great snaps to share. We have been walking between 10 and 12 hours a day and my legs feel like they have been beat by a bat. It will be a good start to getting back into the routine and losing this excess weight off my gut. We went for the banquet in Circus Circus on Monday night, unbelievable spread. The quality of food was top notch, yes we all ate too much and soon all headed off to our individual rooms to sleep. I don't know how anyone would gain weight here though.  We went down the strip last night to the Luxlor and walked back checking all the casinos out. Speaking of, you are looking at a Big winner.  Ok only in nickels.. LOL  $27.20 in a nickel slot.

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