Saturday, January 14, 2006

A short update - for a change

Woo Hoo!!   Less than 24 hours until we touch down in "Lost Wages"!   The City of Sin, The Adult Disneyland... Yes folks Elvi-ville, Official home of the flying Elvi!  maybe the only place that will have them?

Man it's been so long since I have had break, some time away. So looking forward to it.

Flying out tomorrow from YVR on a Philippine Airlines Airbus A340-300. No! it is a direct flight and does not go via Manila ;-). I have never been on an Airbus before so it should be a fun experience as well.
Picked up a new 1GB flashcard for the camera so going to take a hoard of Pictures, may be posting some of them from Vegas, but at the very least I hope to update the blog from a Kiosk.

Anyways gotta keep this short - no false advertising.


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