Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well nearly 6 month after the trip, and dealing with a catastrophic Hard Drive failure I was able to restore the majority of my pictures to my new drive. That was a nail biter.... I have posted some of them up to my flickr site here. For those of you who have been asking , thanks for your patience and enjoy.

Speaking of pictures if you cruise through my Set`s you will also see some of the Spare room transformation from 1970`s (Ugh!!!) textured white, sort of , walls to the bright colours that we choose to paint with. The tiling really came through in this room with those colours. We are looking forward to get the rest of the walls in the house finished in the fall (unless our weather keeps going like it has, has not been really conducive to working outdoors.), focusing on outside stuff right now. As we have discussed expanding our house by building off the front of the house on the present computer room and changing it into a very large and light Master Bedroom. Also building off the back of the house off the current Master Bedroom, changing it to a Sunroom and computer room. Figure this could ad about 400 square feet to our present small house, which would be welcome. Would need to be a mix of Professional contractor work due to both insurance and inspections, plus work that we could do ourselves.

Anyways enjoy the pictures....


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