Sunday, July 29, 2007

Exploring the South Island

I went out looking for a decent camping spot, somewhere off the beaten path (as usual for me) somewhere Old Andre and myself can just kick and relax like we used to at Kalum. Me with a few brews in hand and him just happy to be off leash and exploring. Yesterday I went out to a site that was near East Sooke Regional park and was not surprised to find it was not suitable for what I wanted but it paid off in another respect and allowed me to try out the new lens I bought for the Canon Xti. I bought a Canon EF-s 10-22mm Ultrawide Zoom, after much reading it seems to be one of the best for a wide-angle Lens. Posted them here.

It was a really nice park , previously I had hiked in from Pike road to cabin Point but this was the first time I came from this direction. Some great family beaches, something to keep in mind for the next time we have visitors. Something about being here for four years still so much to get out and discover. Always very cool to find these spots and then to be able to share them.

Today I went on the hunt, west of Lake Shawnigan along the Old Port Renfrew forestry road then further down West Jordan Main. Some incredible spots, very similar to other forestry road I have traveled throughout the Province. A little different doing it in the Westy instead of the 3/4ton Ford, had to be a little more gentle...  LOL. None of these spots are great places to break down if you know what I mean although at least the risk of crossing path with Mr Griz does not exist still be a long walk out. I was able to update the BC Off-roads map book with some details, what really surprised me though was the amount of Trespassing Warning Signs stating certain roads were restricted access only, as these all were on on Crown Lands I was a little confused as to how Land that belongs to everyone in BC could be restricted. I will go to the Forestry and Ministry of Parks and lands to verify access to these spots, besides I would like to pick their brains about possible secluded spots or rec sites, (not that it really stopped me from driving on). No pictures this time as most of the time was just spent driving.

If you take digital pictures, and you want to share them securely with family and friends without the hassle of them signing up to the various photo sites, try out PicMe not only is it straightforward to configure and index you can also choose which online resource can be shared with, but the best is how it lays out all of your sets on the desk, very intuitive, very visual makes you wish for a giant LCD display (64 OR BIGGER). It has several levels from the free version which would work for most folks to the higher storage and performance of the paid version.


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