Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yup, it's official Winter's here.

This one week early turning the clocks back kinda frazzles most of us. Pretty brutal for the first little while until you numb up to it. Riding into work in the dark in the AM, the early evening darkness that suddenly appears trying to convince you that it is much later than it actually is. Then tag on the rain, GAAK! Ah well just waiting on the nicer days that I am sure will be here as well.

Well this week they released the Taser attack that took place at YVR and resulted in a Man's death (yet another). The 10 plus minute video, which was very clear showed what I can only describe as a perfect example of what is wrong with our National Police Force (RCMP) and with so many other complaints against them recently there is now a clear video of what might be occurring.
  1. Man cleared customs 6 hours previously yet was left unattended for that period in a secure area.
  2. After the event the RCMP announced that 3 officers were involved in this attack, yet the video clearly shows four uniformed officers
  3. Watch the approach of the officers to the man as he stands in the doorway, at this point there is no threat to anyone. The officers are clearly heard to be told "he does not speak English..." A tense situation like this, the officers walk quick-paced towards the door, aggressively vault over the low barrier, en mass. There is no threat to anyone at this time, would it not have been part of their training to slowly approach, perhaps 1 officer only? or even better talk across the room to the Man trying to both calm him and ascertain the situation.
  4. Why were the officers, speaking of using Tasers before even understanding the situation?
  5. Initially the officers surround the man, point to the counter and tell him to get against it, The man raises his hands (just below his shoulders) and follows directions to back against the counter, then the officers taser him. What was the reason for the attack by the officers.
  6. What happened to the Professionally trained RCMP officers? Ones who went into these situations with the thought of resolving a situation using both their intelligence and training to defuse the situation, not to go in and bully an obviously troubled and distraught person. What happened to the creed, Protect and Serve. Who were they protecting (The man was a threat to no one at this time as he was in a secure room with 4 Police officers?) Who were they serving, neither the public nor the man were served, seemed more like they wanted it done and over with so they could get back to ... hmm what is it they do at the Airport if not to serve the public?
  7. What happened to the Pepper spray they carry, if they felt so threatened by this unarmed individual? The RCMP said after the fact (before the video was retrieved) that they could not use pepper spray due to the amount of citizens around the situation who may have been inadvertently sprayed, there were no members of the public in the sealed off room the event occured in.
I think it is long overdue that the investigation of these events need to be done by an independent body, as past investigations have been the Police investigating themselves. I do feel that if this was to occur much could be learned and then applied to repair short-comings in training or guidelines of when weapons could be used. It seems that the Police have lost the ability, (or will) to control situations they are in, guess it is just easier to pull the 'Zar.

A sad situation for his Mum who also just emigrated to Canada.

Just wrapped 3000 Km's on the KLR, took it back up to Jordan Meadows last weekend. From Shawnigan Lake we then drove the Main Forestry road to Port Renfrew. It was a great ride, very wet though and a lot of fun. There are a ton of off-shoots up there that should keep me busy exploring for a long time to come. As I was riding , with a sheer drop-off into a deep Valley on one side, I really came to understand exactly how much enjoyment I could get out of this Dual sport Bike, doing what I already love to do, explore the backwoods. Time to do the front brakes on the Bike and I am upgrading the front rotor to the oversized 320 MM unit, then installing replacement Braided Steel Hoses, EZBleeders (front and rear). It should seriously improve the front braking abilities of the KLR.

Picked up Call of Duty 4 and Enemy Territory:Quake Wars. COD4 (Charlie Oscar Delta 4) is incredible!! If you liked any of the previous releases, this is another one to add to the set, if you have not picked this one up then go out and check it out and I am sure you will rush back and get the previous ones... Quake wars on the other hand reminded my of the previous BattleField type releases... it's alright but save your coins kiddies, wait for the price drops on it. Unreal Tournament III comes out on the 19th and promises to live up to the Unreal namesakes. Damn you gotta love this time of Year.. when all the new shooters come out. Oh yeah still hooked on Rainbow 6:Vegas and Medal of Honor: Airborne.

So I am continuing to "Bach" it, still another 3 plus weeks to go... just really glad I have the dogs here as well as the ongoing things that need to be done.

Hey Happy Thanksgiving to my American Buddies, this week. Damn how many more shopping days till Christmas? ;-)


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