Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Living it up in Las Vegas

Arrived here on Sunday afternoon, it's great to see blue skies and
sun. There is even heat off the sun in January. The nights here dip
down from 2 to -2 but as the time you are outside you are always
moving it is not too bad. We spent yesterday going out to East Las
Vegas and then on to Henderson. Henderson appears to be the land of
Malls and big box stores. Vegas is a very cool place and each year we
are here I like to venture more and more off the strip. The folks we
have met here, the locals on the buses or at the different off-strip
stores, are very friendly and welcomingn part of the charm of Vegas.
I am heading to the World of Concrete convention this morning with the
gang. This will be our fourth one (For A and I ) it is always worth a
look to see what is going on in the industry, and with my
Father-in-law being in the business for so long he is able to expain
the changes and technology to me.
Things on the list to do yet...
Rent some military hardware (Two different gun shops 1 we did last
year the other you can rent a M209 grenade launcher)
Rent a car and drive out to Laughlin, Hoover Dam, King of Cars
dealership and maybe Nellis AFB.
Check out the Atomic Testing Museum
Check out the Bodies exhibit
Oh so much to see......


Logan C

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