Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mid-week in SinCity

Continuing to have a great time in Vegas. Went to Ellis Island, a
little known off-strip Casino with on-site brewery. The restaurant
(Yes it is really called "Restaurant") with it's off menu 10 oz steak
special and fantastic beer is worth the walk down from Bally's. The
steak was perfect hoping to head there again tonight. "A" beat the
house and left EI 165 bucks richer in blackjack. I was playing the
nickle slots and came away 38 bucks up. The waitress was by every 10 -
15 minutes and I was enjoying that. Just heading back to the concrete
show (on the bus now) to track down the folks, then off to the Airport
to pick up a mini van for the trip to Hoover Dam and Laughlin
tomorrow. Hoping to head out to Nellis AFB today and maybe to the Gun
Store to get my Full-Auto fix. :-)


Logan C

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