Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snap! Your life can change that fast..

Yup you hear about it all the time, and sometimes you get little reminders from time to time about how fragile life is, sometimes you get big ones. How we all have to live the moment to it's fullest, to be thankful for everything and everyone in your life. How no guarantees come with this life, no expectations for any amount of time you have or think you have. Putting off for tomorrow that may never come. Jeeze!!!

Two friends from work, whom I have known for the past nearly 7 years, took advantage of a beautiful day on Saturday, (it felt more like Spring than February), geared up for a ride on their motorcycle. I can imagine how exciting it would have been to look forward to a trip north from Victoria, so many other wintered bikes out of their cocoons, Motorcycle Gear that had been hanging in the closet throughout the winter brought out for an early ride of the year. I really don't have to imagine too much, when the weather turns like this I feel the anticipation of a more pleasant ride than my usual winter rides.

Unfortunately fate, destiny or whatever you call it was rushing at them from the other direction. a mid 20 year old steals a car out of North Vancouver, boards the ferry to Nanaimo it has not been released what he was doing or what kind of record he has but one assumes this is not his first trip down this path, travelling down towards Victoria on the Malahat, decides to take an illegal left turn into a rest stop in doing so my friends future is sealed, travelling at the speed limit or even below it when someone pulls this crap, well it always ends bad for the motorcyclist. Not usually for the Car driver.

Sure enough it was bad, no it was worse than bad...... She had just retired in September, her daughter had just married, she was just starting her life our now that work was over.. He still worked with us here I spoke to him regularly as he was in this building many times for meetings or for work on his laptop. they both were very positive and full of energy and life. Yes I said "were". Sad to think that that's it, finished , kaput, families and friends left in chaos and grief because of the selfish act of one little ***** who, I would not be surprised, probably feels no remorse (other than being sorry for being caught - he left the scene.. left them there to die. Little coward!) I am sure he and his defense lawyer will be working out something to absolve him of any responsibility. To ensure he gets a slap on the wrist instead of the life sentence he should be getting to think things over.

That's it it's over... We are all shell-shocked here at work. At home. I Can only imagine what the immediate families must be going through. Our Thoughts and Prayers to them of course...

Snap! that fast ...

UPDATE: Full Story on Victoria Times Columnist Newspaper Site.


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