Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Builder Bob is Back in the House!

Only a few days until I am taking time off work for my other job. I become Reno-Man (Cape is optional)! So I can go gangbusters on getting things moving forward with the Home Reno. Going to be a blast. My Mother-in-law is coming down (arrives today) to help my Wife paint the outside and fences, a very good friend is coming from Edmonton to work with me on the building side of things. I have a lot planned, and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate too. When I took all the time off last year it was really rewarding as to how much we got done and how fast everything went. Since then it has hit a lull after Christmas, so I think this focus on things will re energize and motivate me to get going, plus getting together with family is always good for the soul. 

While I am doing this will be able to update the blogs, FB and Flickr with pictures of the events. We start tonight with St Patrick's and some Guinness of course, like a christening of a maiden voyage  ;-) . Then some pre-planning of how to proceed and organize who is doing what, I need to book the inspection for the Vapour barrier and Insulation. I was going to hire out the Drywall but may take it on ourselves due to time constraints (unless I can get someone in on a moments notice). Damn I am excited - some say not much of a holiday but considering how much we will benefit from this for years to come it is a great investment of time and coin.

I have been working a lot with Odin, and using ideas from Cesar" The Dog Whisperer" Millan's TV Show, not that Odin is trouble so much as he is just a dog that wants to be boss and I want to rein him in before he starts to believe he is in charge. It's really different for me, having a dog that has Rottweiler in him, I suppose the same with many other more assertive breeds. You have to handle them so much differently. Watching the show I can see where the wheels begin to fall off if your not careful.  I am surprised how well Cesar's hints and tips work, and how much behavior troubles are caused by us humans instead of the hounds. They had a Marathon of his shows dedicated to his dog "Daddy" who passed away in February, a beautiful Pitbull who helped re socialize other aggressor breeds. 

This past week, Gérémi Adam (FBI claimed he was Canada's biggest Movie Pirate - supposedly) was sentenced to 2 1/2 months plus Community service etc. What a crock, now I am not saying downloading movies is right or wrong, what I am saying is the Government is starting to put Commercial and Corporate interests (and lobbying groups) above the civil rights of the individual. Even bowing to foreign pressure to strip these rights from Canadians. All the while proceeding with further negotiations for ACTA (Talk about a envisioning a communistic police state - this act or at least what little has slipped out to the general public would completely restrict all of us, including artists, and would assume each of us to be a criminal without rights before any proof needs to be presented by the police or Border Services). Michael Geist has much about this on his website here.  Some further comments here. I think some radical protests are going to be necessary to stop this from going through or at least from stopping Canada's participation in it. 

Keep your eyes open and don't let it slip through.


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