Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FT Reno - Day Four

We're just bustling along with the reno's. Just amazes me how much you can get done when focusing exclusvely on the work. We had our inspection for insulation and Vapour Barrier yesterday. Passed with flying colours, actually the inspector comented that I went a little above and beyond. Guess if you insulate the floor there is no need to use the styro insulation board on the crawlspace walls.. oh well better to over do that than to under-do it and get a fail. Trying to track down a decent drywaller to get the room ready for paint and tile. Almost there - to the point of moving into it. It's going to be a really nice bedroom, so much bigger and brighter.

I installed the Air Conditioner in the sunroom yesterday, just getting it in nice and tight, started to prep the wiring in that room. Then I can insulate and throw on the vapour barrier. I almost finished the barge-board too. Just have one side of the house to do and then it is also out of the way. I have to put in the junction boxes (in the crawl space) for the new wiring to the Sunroom, New Computer Room, New Bathroom, and heating for the living room.

Alison, Margaret and Dianne have been working on the painting of the exterior (Hardie-Plank and Stucco). It's a lot of work with the old Stucco, pretty thristy walls. They have done a fantastic job though. The colour Alison chose is very nice, relaly adds a rich depth to the House.

Today is a bit of a goof-off day, as we worked right through the weekend. I am on the hunt for a truck (Dodge or Ford Diesel, prefer 1 Ton, extended cab, etc..) so there are a few in Nanaimo that I want to look at. With both Margaret and Dianne from out of town, it might be nice to get a one days break from everything anyways...

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