Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last few Bits

Just giving the Tile/Grout a final wipedown this AM then 48 hours later I can seal it off. The Choice of Colours the Wife has picked really goes well with the Teracota Coloured Tile. The Grout is a bit different than the grout we used in the rest of the house, but I think it actually adds a depth which brings the Terracota shades forward more. I have to measure up for Window Ledges/sills, Molding and Blinds. My Mother-in-Law suggested tiling the Ledges, I think doing this on the largest window will look great and will tie it off to the floor nicely. Will have to check at Pacific Flooring for Tile and Bull-nosing to see whats out there. The other wood for the ledges is going to be stained (as is the molding) to match our New Bedroom Suite. It will be very different when we move into the room, compared to the room we are in now, especially with the reno hell we have been in. Our Master Bedroom right now is part bedroom part reno storage... fun  NOT! ;-)

My new Truck has been treating me right. Getting the front wheel bearings done this week, my mechanic gave it a once over and full mainteniance fluid/filter change this past week. Truck passed, only the wheel bearings need immediate attention. Such good news, I was worried as I got the truck at a very good price, I gave it a once over when I took it out for a test drive, and the guy I bought it from seemed honest enough, but you always worry. Turns out worry for nothing. She's not brand new, a 2003 F350 4x4, a few dings and things, but with a little attention and looking after the general maintenance the truck should do me for some time. Great to have a fullsize truck again, even better having a diesel. First ever for me, so a bit different than the gas engines. Luv the sound and the fact that for transporting or pulling there are very few limitations. Can't wait to do a road trip to Northern BC, then bomb up the Logging roads in the truck.

The Wife is over in the Mainland this weekend, her nephews are down from Hazelton as part of the Northern Selects Hockey Team playing a friendly tournament at Planet Ice in Coquitlam. Guess one of her Nephews was selected MVP, and the team has gone on to the finals, playing today. Can't wait to see the pictures and movies of them playing. I hear they are very very good. Be cool if they eventually get to the NHL level!

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