Saturday, November 20, 2010

Knock Knock! Who's there? Old Man Winter

While it was predicted, it was still great to wake up to a bit of the white stuff this morning. Looking at weather reports we have much more (hopefully) coming. It's such a great change, brightens everything up and makes it feel like winter, as it should. Victoria is not really known for the full onslaught of a four season Year. Our winters are usually very mild, and sometimes wet, but with the occasional days or more of weather that resembles a Fall day or an early Spring one. Odin as expected luvs the snow, as I think most dogs do. He spent much of his time out chasing, who knows what, putting his nose into the snow and lifting the snow back towards the skies… Just having the morning coffee before I take the hounds for their walk. I think Odin is pretty keyed up to go and do some more running in it.


Guess I better get the winter tires on the Truck tomorrow as well, heck that was what they were bought for.  As I get older I find I really miss living in an area with all four seasons (not sure if this is a "Grass is always greener" feeling or a "Looking at the past through Pink Shades"), I grew up in Edmonton,. Alberta. Where you could always be guaranteed winter, sometimes it was the other season that suffered. There was always a great feel to the winter season, it was not a "beating my chest" I am tough feeling, but rather an enjoyment of experiencing that side of Mother Nature. Wonder where the best and most consistent place in Canada is for having all four seasons? Some said places like Penticton and Kelowna. What's your thoughts? Prince George? It's a really nice place too.


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