Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

So hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, followed quickly by the beginning of the New Year! I really like this time of year, yeah the cliché's abound, stores are crazy busy, but even I notice how much more pleasant and compassionate folks are to one another this time of year. Little things from a smile and nod of the head while holding the door, letting another driver out into the line, and not being afraid to wish each other the best of the season. Then there are the people who pull out all the stops by lifting everyone's spirits by going balls to the wall with Christmas Decorations, folks who volunteer to help those much less fortunate (and there are many more of those people who are in need this year), many who contribute and assist the feathered and furry creatures who sometimes get overlooked during the season. I think if it was not for these types of people who seemingly appear out of no where much like Mr. Claus, well I would be able to say the the world has gone to the preverbal in a hand basket. As greed seems to abound, and I still feel that unfortunately it is more and more people who are travelling this route, there are still those advanced souls who keep the spirit of the season in their hearts and try to show us all what its all about. I am very thankful to have quite a few of these people around me in my life 365 days a year. So there is no reason I cannot learn by their deeds and thoughts. I know I have a long way to grow spiritually, (and that word does not have to just be religious but encompasses so much more.), socially, perhaps that is why I am presented with the lessons around me that I am? Can only hope to grow and help to look after life around me no matter the form that it takes.

I attended the Boomer's Legacy Gala a little while ago, and was really looking forward to seeing the pictures the Professional Photographer took of Mel Cooper, General Hillier and myself… so here they are, at least the ones I downloaded… very cool.  An event I will remember for sometime to come, not every day you meet so many movers and shakers in Canadian politics, Military and Media. Was a really special night for me. Thanks Mel!!

More to come before the big day… stay tuned… Merry Christmas!!! 


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