Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great White North, eh?

Hope everyone else’s Christmas went as well as ours. Back home in the cold and snow, and for me this really makes the Season the way it should be. Guess a big part of it is where you grow up with it. I often think how strange it would be to celebrate Christmas/New Year’s in someplace hot like Australia or Hawaii. Yes its what their used to, but I think it would be bizarre to be singing “Six White Boomers’ and buying into it. Each their own, but prefer the White Christmas themed songs… Smile




Odin, is absolutely in his element, all this freedom, and open space for him to explore, he loves this place, not sure how much he will enjoy going back to the City. We were out with the Brother-in-law, his Wife, daughters, and their 2 dogs. Walking the logging roads, just incredible scenery. Reminds me how much I miss all of this. Solitude, wilderness, silence, and vast space that is not overrun with people. Maybe its more than Odin who is in his element? 


Airport walk

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