Sunday, July 26, 2015

Alone - kind of Les Stroud 2.0

"I went to the woods because
I wished to live deliberately...
and see if I could not learn
what it had to teach."

-- Henry David Thoreau

History channel just started broadcasting this new show called Alone , a survival show - 10 guys placed on various remote location on the North West Corner of Vancouver Island, just as the rains are approaching and temperatures are dropping in amoungst the cougars, bears and wolves. Each are allowed to bring up to ten items from a list provided by the producers, and have to film themselves using an array of camera's, and yes they are alone. This is something that really appeals to me, I think I would do great at it, but without the cameras. Each has an emergency Satellite phone if they want to "Tap-out", Don't want to give too much away, but it's interesting to see who taps out and for what, as well as seeing how each of them handle both the environment, getting the daily needs taken care of and the emotional separation (lonesomeness).Last man standing gets $500.000 US. and while the cash would be good, I think the bigger prize coming out of it is what you would learn about yourself. I'd love to try it, but again without the requirement to film myself.

Worth checking the show out if like the Les Stroud type of shows.


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