Saturday, August 01, 2015

Meet the real Me.

First day (Partial) back to work this week - after nearly 5 weeks off with workplace injury. Glad to be getting out of the house, and glad of course to be getting back to earning income, while I work with a "mostly" good bunch of folks I have really enjoyed the limited human interaction (interaction completely under my control) that I have had to participate in while off work. I recently said that to someone I trust and I think I was viewed as being more than a little odd for even thinking it. I'm not anti-social I just prefer to be not very social, too much experience with people, there are great folks out there doing great things but there just seems to be so many more that are all about themselves stepping over whomever they can to get MORE. It's tainted me for a long time, I think I've got this talent/curse where I can see people for what they are, I am also totally unforgiving once a trust is breached no matter if they are in my inner circle, family or acquaintances - I am sure it is sort of a character flaw (? or strength?) of mine, an ability to write anyone or any relationship off, then never look back or feel regret about doing so. I've done it with my entire family, sick of one-way relationships where either myself or my Wife have to put in all the effort - just not worth it for me, so out comes the inner me that goes well F*** You, you're not worth it and I no longer want you in my life. Poof done! Don't let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out. That's me... no apologies - no regrets. 

Planning a multi-day backpacking trek later this year, not really sure of destination (Mt Albert Edward, Forbidden Plateau, Garabaldi  or?) just to get back into what I used to really enjoy - -  the soothing solitude of the wilderness and nature. I believe it's what's really missing from my life, something that kept me on an even keel and unstressed. It will add to my health regime that I began over two years ago now. So I have started to pre-train, coming off a leg injury (Tear in the calf muscle) mentioned above, I have been into the physio world for the past few weeks, and have begun a return to my normal weights, crunches and planks. Now time to strap on that pack and begin using the treadmill to strengthen the legs, back and shoulders. Working back slowly, but making great progress (42 Pound pack, 2.25 miles @ 3 mph increasing/decreasing inclines (max %12) for 46 minutes. 3 days on 1 day off). Once I feel ready I will introduce some running and cycling to increase the cardio, also the pack's final weight will be about 50-55 Pounds. Research online says the average distance travelled in a single day of hiking is about 6-8 Miles, so extending my training to support that and adding the gear to both the pack and myself (hiking boots, EDC's, emergency kit and so forth) until I am comfortable with my performance.

Speaking of research the other thing I am doing is to develop a meal plan for the trail, being Vegan this is a first for me, ensuring I have proper nutrition and caloric intake to support burning 2500-3500 calories per day. Pleasantly surprised that the Internet (All Hail Google!) has so many resources available for Vegan backpacking, and some wicked tips to help keep the costs down. Things like bringing dry beans put them in a empty peanut butter container with water, by the end of the day's hike they are no longer dried and can be cooked with your meal. Going to have to remember lentils too -  they're huge protein plus - easy to transport dry and cook from dry. TVP is another one, just tried some of this at home. Easy!

Some Vegan Backpacking Sites:

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