Monday, August 17, 2015

Eastern Approach

Another Weekend - another great hike, with the best hiking companion you can have.

Odin lookin East towards Bedford Islands and Metchosin
Out again at East Sooke Regional Park, this time entering from Aylard Farm (the largest parking and entrance to the park) and heading West via the Coast Trail. Brought Odin along, it's been a while for him to do such a hike rather than just walking through the forest and open fields. Wasn't sure how much he could do, didn't want to push him too much and cause an injury or worse. He's a trooper though and was more than up for a very strenuous hike. This part of the Coast trail running up to Cabin point has some serious climbing up and over rock faces. A couple of times I needed to give him a boost up, but he returned the favour too. Some of the downward "trails" (using the term very loosely) I made sure I was in front of him and braced him in case he slipped. It was challenging and a lot of fun. About half way up the coast we needed to stop for a watering break, found some shade.
He's having a great time
As with these hikes, I learn something each time, this weeks lesson? Water - need to double up what I carry when Odin is with me. He pretty much cleaned me out by the time I got back to the Parking lot. I was carrying 2 Litres, made sure he was looked after first, due to him not being able to regulate internal temperatures like me. I had a flask of tea which carried me through. Going to have to figure out how to carry that extra water - maybe in a bladder that I can refill the Naglene Bottles from. I brought some food for him but that was unnecessary on a day hike, we just shared my food. My food, my water, hmm feeling a little like the pack animal here. 

Spectacular Viewpoints all along the route
Our next stopoff after a very hard climb was Beechy Head. This is the official marker of the border between Canada and the USA. It is also another fantastic view, you can almost see Port Angeles in the distance from here. Just a stone throw's away.
Beechy Head Marker
Keep you eyes and ears open, the place is teaming with all kinds of wildlife, various birds, small mammals, insects, ect.  Found this guy on the centre of the trail so moved him off, Good size, not sure what type of caterpillar he is but he was the size of my largest finger.

Just past Cabin Point, then over to the Interior Trail around Babbington Hill, following the Interior trail back to Aylard Farm. Total time just over 3 hours. Odin was thrilled to see a little reward at the end of the hike. He absolutely loves running through tall grasses. Couldn't believe he had the energy left to do this, he reached deep and made me do the same. 
Wildlife on the plains of the Serengeti
Looking forward to next weekends hike, not sure of the destination but I am sure that Odin and I will have another fantastic day exploring our local areas.

“Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.” 
                                           --Robert Frost

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