Saturday, August 08, 2015

Gowlland Tod Provincial Park

Holmes Peak
Another weekend another local hike. Headed over to Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, taking the Ridge Trail between Holmes Peak and Jocelyn Peak. Clouds were moving in fast - they were calling for rain but it held off till later in the day. Incredible views throughout the hike, from Misery Bay (no idea why it's called that it's a beautiful spot.) right through to the rest of the Finlayson Arm and the Saanich Inlet. Round trip from Caleb Pike was 5.88 Miles at a reasonable 27.38 minutes/mile taking 2 hours 49 minutes (or so). 

Even though it is so close it is really quite remote. Every changing elevation and challenging grade, trails that go from well developed 

to loose rock or even climbing up rock faces, keeping your focus even though you are trying to take the scenery in, but not wishing to stumble either. 

 Finlayson Arm Facing South - Misery Bay off in the distance on the right.

Finlayson Arm Facing North toward Squally Reach - Salt Spring Island way way off in the distance.

Just a cool looking tree - great place to have a quick bite and re-hydrate

and proof that you are not alone out here, ever.
Cougar Scat 
Thankfully the only evidence of the cat.

Another great weekend hike - tomorrow's not as exciting just doing the perimeter of the Royal Roads University grounds with my Dog Odin. 

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