Thursday, August 27, 2015

Further Adventures on the Coast Trail

Odin raring to go...

Really getting into this One Hike/Weekend thing, backing it up with 60+ miles on the weekday commute. I think Odin is starting to look forward to it as well. I wanted to do the Ridge Trail at Gowlland Tod but as they were running Ryder Hesjedal's Tour De Victoria 2015 this past weekend I did not want to get in the way so headed back out to East Sooke again,

Early Morning Start - nice and cool
Making huge strides in recovering from my injury and preparing to get back into “getting out there”. This East Sooke Regional park is fantastic for any type of outdoor activity from the strenuous (Coast, Interior, Intense) to the casual, with trails that interconnect so you hike can go from a couple of hours to an entire day if you wish. 
Hills and Rocks - lots of them, but the scenery is incredible 
It’s still that time of year where you are bound to meet fellow like-minded “explorers” throughout the trails, although it is typically a low number (last weekend was a total of 13 – most of them met at the last part of the hike nearest the Open areas). Later in the year it is pretty rare to meet anyone out here, the quiet and the rains really change the park - almost like hiking in two different parks.
Early Morning Fishing - Rock Fishers  
It blows my mind seeing some of the people trail running on the Coast Trail – at this point a walking pace is satisfactory for me, but hat’s off to them for doing their sport. Hard Core!
Odin and I made it through to the Trapper Cabin at Cabin Point - great place for a rest and bite to eat. Sort of my historical stopping point that I used to do years back with my dog Andre (Below).

Just bought a Kyjen Outward Hound Backpack for Odin from  As he is going to continue accompanying me on my hikes (both on my pre-trip training ones and I’d like to plan to take him on my multi-day expeditions too – I think he would like that.) I feel that it would be good for him to carry some of his own stuff, might be kind of cool for us both to be hiking with backpacks.  He has never worn one before so that should be interesting, hopefully not as interesting as the time he had to wear a cone and nearly destroyed the house. 

Where Next?

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