Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy 150th Birthday British Columbia!!

You don't look a day over a hundred Dear! This Monday is our Province's Birthday, the 150th. Our Latin Motto says it all  "Splendor sine occasu"  (Splendour without Sunset (Diminishment)). The current TV campaign lead line is "The Best Place on Earth" and while I do not believe in the politicalization that the commercials are used for, that lead line is very true. We have it all here, some quick facts from the BC Gov factoid page,

  • Spirit Bear
    Spirit Bear - Provincial Mammal  The Spirit Bear (also known as the Kermode Bear) was added to the list of B.C.'s official symbols in April 2006
  • Western Red CedarWestern Red Cedar - Provincial Tree  The western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn) was adopted as the official tree of the province on February 18, 1988

  • British Columbia is Canada's third-largest generator of hydro electricity, providing some of the lowest power costs in North America. The province is also Canada's second-largest natural gas producer, and the oil and gas industry continues to see tremendous growth, particularly in north-eastern B.C.

  • B.C.'s total land and freshwater area is 95 million hectares, larger than France and Germany combined. Only 30 countries are larger. British Columbia occupies about 10 per cent of Canada's land surface.

Why is the Monday closes to August 1 known as BC Day...
From the B.C. Debates, 4th Session, 30th Parliament, May 1, 1974, the Hon. Hall states, "August 1, or the closest working day to it, is a statutory holiday in every other province in Canada. By coincidence, an Act to provide to the Government of British Columbia, which changed us from the Colony of British Columbia, was passed by Parliament in the United Kingdom on August 2, 1858.

We have many varied climactic zones, from rain forest, to Alpine to Desert, from the very cold temperatures of the Northern Areas like Stewart and Dease Lake in the winters, to the very warm summers in the Okanagan (Osoyoos raching record highs as well as Lytton in the Canyon being known for thier high temeratures in the summer), typically warm and wet winters on the southern-coast areas like Vancouver, and here in Victoria, Our summers though are usually very nice (with avg temperatures ranging between low to high 20's C).

We should be thankful for living in such a great place, in a wonderful country, yup we have issues we need to work on, but one only needs to turn on the evening news to see how others have to live, to be grateful for being a citizen here in British Columbia. I can't not mention my Favourite place in the Province, while there are so many other beautiful areas to live in each with their own Natural beauty, for me Terrace is still the best (with access to everything outdoors that you could ever want, rivers, Lakes, Ocean, HIking , camping , fishing,  an incredible place for sure.)


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