Saturday, August 30, 2008

Odin - Day 3


I am so impressed with this new hound of ours. Hard to believe how young he is, and yet how quick he picks things up. He comes to me when I call, He has only had a couple of mistakes in the house, he seems to adapt to all the different situations I have had him in, and he is viewing the kennel in our bedroom as his domain and goes to bed himself in it. I just got back from taking him on his second leashed walk this time to the Gorge. He did not pull very much, stayed close to me, when we were done we sat on the grass and had quite a few people and dogs come up to greet him. He seems to be great meeting other dogs or people, no aggression showing, just normally curious of course. The Gorge is a great place as I was able to see how intentive he is, He was tracking both Kayaks and Geese a a very good distance, as well as people and dogs walking towards us. His hearing seems very good too, and he spent much time listening first before turning towards the sound. He settled right into the truck, and found a couple of blankets in the back for him to sleep on, while I ran into the library. No noise out of him he simply watched me close the door then went back to sleep. I came back out and he was still snoozing. I think he is going to be a great traveller.

Our other two seem to be doing a good jub of accepting him, Emma has settled into the notion. Nick is doing well considering he never had to do this before. Think he still wants to make sure he is the boss...

Got a lot of training I want to do with him, and socializing. Going to start taking him to all the "dog parks" I think it could only do him good to meet othr dogs, and people. As with all of our dogs I want him to be good with people, kids (not that they are not people but just some important differences on top of the height) and with other animals. So since this is a long weekend I am able to spend it getting him aclimatized to our house. Then later this month I am on holidays and will be able to spend a ot more time working with him.

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