Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello world - welcome Odin

Our new Pup, Odin has joined the pack.  All the pictures here.

I have been looking for a Lab pup, feeling a bit out of sorts since losing the big guy nearly three months ago. It has been really hard to find any pups, a good thing I think, maybe all the work the SPCA and Vets have been doing is working in reducing the numbers of unwanted or mass bred for profit dogs. I hope so. In visiting the shelters though heard some really terrible stories of how our species have treated some of these guys...

Today though I was in the Victoria SPCA,  they had just rescued 5 puppies, three female (all golden lab looking ) and their two brothers, (check the picture out). Well this guy picked me, he basically forced his way to the front of the crowd while I was sitting in the cage, then parked himself right in front of my, facing the others seeming to say "keep back he's mine"    :-)

I brought Odin home, and our two Boston's were less than impressed, "what he's staying?"  lol  but they have all settled in now. Guess the training begins... just cleaning out the Kennel for our room. Figure we start right this time and kennel train him. Going to be great (yes and hard I know) having a puppy, but as we are heading into a long weekend then soon to take some time off work I figure it is the best time to take on a new dog when I have so much time to focus on him.

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