Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day three - Footings in, gravel for crawlspace..

Pretty rough start today, Little Nick kept us up all night with expected reaction to the heart meds he is on which caused him to be very thirsty and naturally want to go out more often, (every 20 minutes). So of course neither of us got any sleep, this is night 3 for me, more zombie than human today. Might have been for the best as we had another 5.5 Tons of gravel arrive, how many shovels is that? This was after we removed the forms for the footings, they came out great. As we were moving the gravel, Vince and Joe were cutting out the access to the new crawlspace. All in all it went very well today, but I do need some sleep as we have more concrete, (skim coat) coming at 08:00 tomorrow... so here's some more video's, no still pictures this time, will try to get some tomorrow...



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