Monday, March 16, 2009

First Day of Building

The first day of building has arrived, and what a mixed bag of weather we had, everything from light rain, heavy rain, Sunshine, snow and winds. Just count ourselves lucky that it was not heavy rain all day. We got the gravel in the front area, forms for the footings in almost ready for inspection and then pouring tomorrow. Back area will also be ready to go to, just a matter of getting it bombed into tomorrow AM for the inspection in the afternoon.  We also had to get another 5.5 tons of gravel in today, spent most of the afternoon moving that around, wonderful to be a grunt.  LOL Really though I am very tired for all the work got a little soft sitting around the office I suppose. I did survive the day going to be a bit stiff in the AM tomorrow but also having a lot of fun helping get all of this done. nice to see the progress we have made in one day.

Some Videos:

Some Pictures:

Well dinner time... more tomorrow


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