Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Project begins

Well it begins, and yes it is exciting to start. We have had the Excavator guys in from Atlas Excavating to prep the site before we get the building under way. Sinjur Masonry will be on their way down this Friday and expected to arrive on Sunday. Next Monday we start on the expansion of the House, it's going to be a blast. For those not in the know, it's a little project.  Build an expanded room (16 x 16) at the front of the house, this will become the Master Bedroom. Build a room at the back of the house (8 x 18) that will become the Sunroom, and will have many windows. Our existing Master Bedroom once moved will become the new Computer room, (yes going to build a small Server room - - Geek), with two built-in desks etc..... Once the computers are moved into their new area, then the old computer room will become the new Bathroom, larger, corner tub Glass Block shower Poor-man's ensuite from the new master bedroom and accessable from the existing hall. Current Bathroom, will be gutted back wall knocked out and through to the new Master Bedroom, turning it into a walkthru closet...then....  OK OK you get the idea... going to try to keep this updated daily as well as my flickr site with the days events around the Site.

Bob the Builder....;-)

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