Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day two....footings and lots more gravel

Today we (well mostly Joe and Vince) built up the rebar in the forms, formed up the back area both ready to be inspected and then poured. Due to family emergency I missed the inspection but both Joe and Vince looked after it. Our order of concrete arrived by 3PM for the footings we had two wheelbarrow's going to move the concrete. The front area was pretty straightforward, but the back was a mudbog. A real pain to get keep the wheelbarrow tracking correctly. Nonetheless it did get poured. Vince began Setting the vertical Rebar, Joe was finishing and curring rebar. The gopher, yup that was me, was sent for a resupply of rebar. End of day the footings were in place setting up.



On another note, our eldest Boston Terrier developed congestive Heart disease and needed to be rushed to the animal hospital Monday evening. He spent nearly 18 hours in an oxygen tent, while they fed him drugs to remove the liquid from his lungs, also others to try to reduce his enlarged heart. He came home last night, but is not quite right, also he needs to pee ever 30 minutes.. so naturally we slept very little again last night....The wife also had an issue with an irregular heartbeat, this has been ongoing for a few weeks. She was taken into emergency by her boss yesterday where they tried to get the excess beat range down within some normal numbers...when she went in her BPM were above 160.


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